• WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge
  • WB Weighing Bridge

WB Weighing Bridge

Modularized body/No overturn during installation

WB modularized weighingbridge adopts FLINTEC digital or analogload cells. You could also choose the load cellyou prefer. Smooth or checkered plate upon yourrequirement, customized color, and your brand logo could be alsoprinted onto the scale body. WB series have computer, printer and weighingmanaging software for your selection

Capacity: 200t (special capacities upon request)

Configuration: FLINTEC RC3D series load cell is highly recommended. (special load cell upon request)

Main Function: Truck weighing/Check weighing/Total/Print

Main Feature: Modularized body/No overturn during installation

Sites Application: Pit or pit type/Outdoors/Factory plant/Moisture circumstance

Industry Application: Building construction/Warehouse/Logistics/Metal/Chemical industry/Highway

New Design Modularized Weighing Bridge
Electronic weighing bridge is measuring equipment, nowadays used more and more widely. More and more foreign weighing scale purchasers show keen interest.The truck weighing platforms as a bearing device are mostly steel structure welding platform, they need to be able to withstand load weighing and cars passing. Weighing platform width dimension is mostly 3 m or bigger, the length is mostly specifications of 4 m, 5 m, and 6 m and so on. For the structure of the 3 m wide scale, export containers will not be able to contain it; therefore, the company specially developed subdivision, modularized PTS type weighing bridge.

Our company PTS type truck weighing bridge adopts 2 slices of each section scale body and combines them together. The combination of weighing platform adopts beam transition lap method.There placed one beam in two sides of whole weighing platform , every 2 section between weighing platform also set a beam , and the scale body lap on the beam. Scale body and beam select positioning pin and bolt to connect .Under each beam, there installed two weighing load cell .On two side beams of weighing platform, there set on the longitudinal and transverse limit mechanism, which form such a complete weighing bridge. Each scale body choose 3 pieces u-shaped cross section held (u-shaped beam) as a bearing girder, u-shaped beam uses steel plate between the bottom sealing at the same time, again with the second end plate compound to form the airtight steel structure platform. On one hand, it makes the height of the scale body shorter, on the other hand, it guarantees the stiffness and strength of the weighing platform .The length of the single chip scale is 4 m, 5 m and 6 m three kinds of specifications, it can be combined growth degree of 8 m, 9 m, 10 m and 12 m, 15 m, 16 m and 18 m, 20 m, 22 m, 24 m, and other specifications of the truck weighing bridge.

Export shipment can select 20 feet, or 40 feet container. Because of the new design of lower dimension, the packing quantity becomes bigger, also, the packing efficiency has been improved a lot, and thus, the freight has been saved.

The structure of electronic truck scale has inherited the advantages of the old structure, and effectively solves the transportation problems and field assembly cumbersome. Reasonable structure design, advanced technology, suitable for mass production, is a novel product with market competitiveness.

Structure characteristics:
Dimension chooses checkered plate;
Each weighing platform has 2 pieces, left and right;
Scale body girder is u-shaped cross section structure;
All sealing bottom structure;
Load cell and limit mechanism installed under the beam.

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